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Finding out which plants will look good in your front or back garden and also which plants will grow well in your area is a hard task at the best of times. Why not call All Landscape Solutions, who can not only show you which plants are the best for your area, but what is in season, how to plant them and look after them. If all that sounds a little too difficult, then why not let us plant organise and maintain your garden on a regular basis, some of the things we can do for you include:

• Planting,
• Mulching,
• Gravel & Rock Gardens,
• Garden Bed Maintenance,
• and any other planting requirements.

We can arrange many types of Plants & Gardens from:

• Rose Gardens,
• Australian Native Gardens,
• Grey Water Gardens,
• Custom Gardens,
• Plus a huge variety of Plants and Garden Bed Options.


Getting your lawn laid is the easy part, but if the work is not put in before the lawn is laid, then maintaining it afterwards can be a huge headache. Having the reticulation put in by people who know what they are doing is a massive advantage. We can not only provide you with all the reticulation bits and pieces, including all the sprinklers, pipe and controller unit, but we can organise the installation before your turf goes down, we will even prepare the area for you if you like.

All Landscape Solutions make sure that we put in the right sprinklers, the right amount and in the right spots for your lawn.
We will also show you exactly how to use your reticulation and how to set all the settings to get your lawn plenty of water during the hotter Perth Months. All Landscape Solutions can also incorporate a grey water system in conjunction with your automated reticulation system to make sure your lawn and garden stays beautiful all year round, or maybe to inject life into an old tired turf area. Contact Us and we are always happy to help


At All Landscape Solutions we deal with large companies and the general public, we are also happy to provide ongoing care and maintenance to your garden, so why not contact us today to setup a regular visit, so we can keep your lawn and garden looking great.