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If you think you need to hire a concreter to help you with your new landscape idea, well think again.
All Landscape Solutions can provide you with landscaping and design and also organise the concrete to be laid, we can even see if there is a different style of concrete that you may like.

We can help with all types of concrete for your home or business needs including:

• Driveways,
• Paths,
• Pool surrounds,
• Sheds
• and home additions.

We can arrange many types of concrete finishes from:

• Exposed,
• Liquid limestone,
• Grey,
• or stamped concrete,
• Plus a huge variety of colours – and special designs.


Brick paving is one of the most common ways to affordably finish off a patio area , driveway or any other large open area where you don’t want to put turf.
It comes in a wide range of patterns and colours, and it’s very economical.
While it doesn’t hold up as well as concrete or exposed aggregate, it nonetheless offers years of durability at a fraction of the cost. If you’re looking to pave a driveway, patio area or any other large space, and budget is a serious problem, you can’t go wrong with brick paving laid and supplied by All Landscape Solutions.All Landscape Solutions can provide an expert in paving to add a beautiful touch to your newly landscaped area or inject life into an old tired area with new paving.

With 15 years experience in the landscape industry and known for producing some beautiful gardens, fantastic patios and stunning brick paving areas for WA residential areas. We are happy to help you with every aspect of the process providing you with not only advice but, pricing, styles and designs as well.

Synthetic Turf

We have different types of artificial grass for almost any type of application. Whether you need it as an accessory to your existing lawn, near a pool area, as  full landscaping material or even for commercial spaces, we have just the right thing for you!
We not only lay and supply synthetic turf for homes and commercial businesses but we also have great prices too. The synthetic turf that we supply has a natural look and consistency, and is safe for everyone especially kids and pets.
We do not just sell you the turf you want we also offer installation services from small pre-prepared area’s to large areas requiring preparation, we also offer free installation advice for those who are planning to have a DIY day and tackle laying the turf themselves.


At All Landscape Solutions we deal with large companies and the general public, we are also happy to provide ongoing care and maintenance to your garden, so why not contact us today to setup a regular visit, so we can keep your lawn and garden looking great.